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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What's Your Perfect Day Out?

Is it by the beach soaking up the sun's warmth?

A trip up into the gorgeous mountains & country side enjoying the beautiful vistas that nature provides us?

Maybe it's just being at home - comfortable & relaxed with a great book, favourite drink & a stitchery project in hand!!

Now that sounds pretty good to me also - I'd love to hear what a Perfect Day out entails for you....

Miz Raggedy Angel loves nothing better than enjoying all of natures pleasures on her Perfect Day. Enjoy the beauty of nature all day long...

We have 2 copies of this delightful wallhanging/coffee table runner to please leave your little story here by Feb 28th...

You can also find this gorgeous applique pattern at our Snickerdoodle Dreams website...

take care - have a gorgeous day filled with creative stitches & inspiration


  1. really very cute Darlene!
    hmmm my favourite day, well that depends on the day really,
    I would love a day to sit and read, and not have to think about the 10,000 other things to be doing...

  2. How lovely is that. My perfect day is sharing a book and a cuddle under my grandsons favourite quilt.

  3. My perfect day out is always the ones I get with my family laughing and enjoying each other...and if I can throw a bit of sewing in that mix ...great!!

    Thanks Darlene for the opportunity to win...The raggedy angel is too cute!!

  4. My perfect day would be at the ocean with a book or walking along, picking up shells. The ocean has always been such a peaceful place and seems to always remind me of what is most important, when life gets hectic. I only get there once a year, but when I am home in Wisconsin, a million miles away from the ocean it seems, I go to my "ocean room", where my sister painted a beautiful ocean mural on the wall and it is decorated in an ocean theme. When I am at home, a favorite day is spent with my bulldogs, Annabelle and Zoey, and my husband Paul. They are the joys of my life! I hope you all have your "favorite" day very soon! Love, Shannon :)

  5. My favourite day out would be spent with our three grandchildren and taking them to a theme park suitable for ages 18months to 10 years where they would all have a great time and I would have a great time just watching them. I love spending time with my grandchildren. Then in the evening after a day out I would relax by either quilting or stitching and having a really great time by myself with my DH upstairs doing what he loves best which is watching TV. So everyone would be happy including me.
    Patti xxx

  6. My perfect day....The day I took off to Vegas and married by BF!

  7. Hello Darlene,

    At the moment my perfect day would have to contain some "rain" and "cooler temps"
    Can you help????
    Happy days.