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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Paper, paper and more paper...

So the sewing and stitches got set aside for a couple of hours...

LOL!!! Now this exercise is a recycling project at its very best!! Slightly messy - the newspaper ink gets all over your hands. Lucky for the baby wipes... and some yummy smelling mango/pomegranite hand soap!

Now I said RE-CYCLING didn't I.... You're turning something that is practically in every house each day... that mainly brings sadness, scandals and tragedy (it is the news afterall) and turning something sad into something that is GORGEOUS, totally CREATIVE and utterly INSPIRATIONAL and uniquely CHIC.

Ash and I spent part of our afternoon tearing up newspaper into (9" x 9" - lg) and (7" x 7" - med) squares.... then gluing them together. OK... so it's going to be a long, not really fascinating process at the start... but like all good things it only gets better. Now we've got the beginnings of our project underway.

I can see the funny looks (and you thought I couldn't see you via Ms Mac... LOL!!) - thinking what are those girls up to??

It's the beginning of a special mummy/daughter craftin' adventure -- we're makin' ART JOURNALS. I can't say much about mine at the moment because it's going towards a very special project that co-ordinates with another project but as it progresses I'll slip in some sneek peaks for y'all. Just a hint - it's going to combine lots of different art mediums... well that's my plan... plans normally go astray.

Ashlei on the other hand... she does Visual & Creative Arts at school and she's practicing some arty techniques for her classes, etc. She's going to be making (3) at the same time. GO GIRLIE!!! She'll be working on bits 'n' pieces of each as the inspirational mood strikes her - you've got to remember she's a teenager... What are her themes: music, fashion and I'm sure I heard the word GLEE mentioned somewhere also...

Hopefully, if my little creative inspiration goes well... I might make another for Ashlei about her favourite actress - Audrey Hepburn!

Recycling is wonderful. There are so many everyday items that we can find around the home or even someone's considered "junk" - that with a little creativity and a whole lot of inspiration can be turned into something new that pleases our eye!

What piece of "junk" have you re-cycled into something new, creative & inspirational?
please share with us a photo or leave a comment - we'd love to see what you've been up to when the creative mood strikes...

take care - have a gorgeous day filled with creative stitches & inspiration

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