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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Snickerdoodle Dollie Swap 2010

SIGNUPS CLOSE: May 15th, 2010
Register your swap details... thank you

Sweet Summer Memories
I am inviting you all to have FUN & participate in our Snickerdoodle Dollie Swap hosted by Snickerdoodle Dreams member - Sue Swayngim. If you choose to participate in this Dollie Obsession... you will be given a very special friend in return...

Sweet Summer Memories

You'll find all the Dollie Swap Information at Snickerdoodle Dreams Online Crafting Community in our Dollmaker's Delights Group

If you aren't a Member... click: SNICKERDOODLE DREAMS - REGISTER HERE

1. Post the Snickerdoodle Dollie Swap logo on your website, personal blogs, etc announcing the Snickerdoodle Dollie Swap! The more the merrier. International Friends are more than welcome to participate.

2. You will receive your Snickerdoodle Dollie Friend on May 17, 2010

3. Your Snickerdoodle Doll is to be sent by: June 30th, 2010
(please note: when sending international goods - they can take longer to receive. Please mail early!!)

4. A list of participants will be added daily... if you don't see your name -- please contact me. We can't have someone miss out on a special handmade doll

5. We welcome your participation in our Dollmaker's Delights Group - please... don't be shy!

6. Only register if you have completed previous swaps or if you are able to commit to making this deadline... Ü

We look forward to having you join us on another Snickerdoodle Dreams Swap endeavour!!

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