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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Lesson About Patience...

March 01, 2010

Most of my break has been spent renovating. Not a real home but our new cyber home for Snickerdoodle Dreams. Let me tell you...
WOW - it's just as frustrating as a real home. You have to learn about PATIENCE and even more PATIENCE!! Not everyone works when you want them to work. Oh and when things go wrong and you're asking for techno help.... well... you guessed it.... PATIENCE!!

Snickerdoodle Dreams is going to be home to our patchwork/stitching/quilting designs and graphics/digital scrapbooking.

Our store is
READY... I'm just waiting to get the security settings up and running to my satisfaction... Who would have thought that something so simple and easy to install would cause the most techno complications... I thank everyone for their PATIENCE but I really feel that getting the security settings right before opening the store - is for your protection & mine.

I will let everyone know as soon as possible when the store is open.

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